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THINKING / DRAWING Is there still a place for drawing as a tool for thought in our digital age?

Saturday 6 December 2014 until Friday 6 February 2015

Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm

An exhibition of over 40 drawings by artists who use drawing as a tool for thought and an aid to the creative process. For this exhibition, the 27 window panes of the gallery are transformed into picture frames displaying sketches, diagrams and working drawings.

There are pictures of the drawings on our Facebook page:

Artists: James Abell / Judith Alder / Ursula Antesberger / Gwen Bajon / Alexandra Carambellas / Meriel Clarke / Michaela D'Agati / Nikki Davidson-Bowman / Holly Duce / Lorraine Fossi / Stephanie Grainger / Sharon Haward / Paulo Henrique / Cat Ingrams / David Jones / Heather Martin / Mike Newman / Suzanne O'Haire / Oliver Palmer / Candida Powell-Williams / Angela Rogers / Tom Sander / Claire Shoosmith / Patricia Thornton / Alexandra Valy / Ruth Watkins / Jonathan Wright

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Suzanne O'Haire: After a time of success earlier in her practice, Suzanne O'Haire became disillusioned by commercial galleries. Immersed within her role as an art lecturer, she continued her practice behind closed doors. Years after first studying (Camberwell College, BA Illustration) Suzanne O'Haire returned to re-establish her practice (MA Visual Arts). This experience resulted in a need for change... Three years on, it’s falling into place. Suzanne O'Haire's practice, multidisciplinary, is activated through a series of seemingly banal, repetitive or labour intensive processes intent on elevating an object's status from the discarded, useless, mundane or unseen to that which is once again purposeful and newly provocative.

"It is never an intention for my drawings to be seen... until now that is. It’s the process of how I figure it all out, activating a dialogue through which things come to a fore, link together, mean something, say something. These drawings dealt with a ritual of collecting [lost] hair-grips (which informed a piece shown in Towner’s East Sussex Open 2014). Whether a couple of hours, large-scale, on a flattened cardboard box or a brief ballpoint sketch on a till receipt they all matter. For me, drawing cross-examines, plans, visualises and, most importantly, keeps my mind filtered and ticking over."

image: courtesy of Curious Projects

image: courtesy of Curious Projects