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Harry Adams, Martin Erik Andersen, Hernan Ardila, 
Paulina Arroyo, Fabrice Cazenave, Gilda Mautone, 
Alison McKenna, Suzanne O’Haire

24 March – 16 April 2016

The Eagle Gallery is delighted to present Then Me – a collaboration with the John Marchant Gallery, in the first of an occasional series of guest-curated exhibitions together.

Chromatography (χρωματογραφία or Colour Writing) is the extraction of compound elements from a mixture by means of separation. Then Me uses a similar technique to expose base elements, delving into our pleasure in mark-making and colour, by grouping works from a multiplicity of places and practices. Like a visual manifestation of Morton Feldman’s sound work, bright little explosions of colour abound in Then Me.

Juxtaposing elements of the ‘found’ with the more constructed object, or contrasting the apparently random mark with the formality of the abstract grid, Marchant’s exhibition celebrates a rich diversity of approach, and draws from the work of international artists represented by his gallery.