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peck o’ trouble: an exhibition exploring notions of magic | guest speaker events

Suzanne O’Haire has invited guest speakers to stir magical thought during this solo exhibition where she presents 34 sculptural assemblages performing as supposed sigils or spells. Hosted by John Marchant, Simon is the second speaker in this series of three talks.

Simon Costin | Making Magic: Magical Markings and Objects | Sat 17 November 5.30 - 7pm

Magic has been thought of as the desire to use invisible forces to change the visible world. Art can be seen of as the desire to use visible forces to change human consciousness. The link between the two revels in the realm of dreams and desires, the desire to better understand the world around us.  

Many ancient cultures have used symbol-based magical processes to try and influence outcomes and increase awareness. These artistic processes are forms of magic.

As someone interested in both art and magic, becoming the custodian of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, was, to say the least, like winning the lottery. A lottery where the prize was not cold, hard cash but the opportunity to immerse myself in an occult legacy and to form relationships with objects that are in many ways still very much magically active. 

Many of the objects within the collection have been created by working occultists for use in their practise. Inscribed and painted with symbols onto stone, metal, leather, cloth. Some simple and some wildly complex, all are potent and drenched in magical intent. Here are objects centred wholly on the principles of ecstasy and transformation. 

Simon Costin is a curator, designer and occultist and the director of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic and the Museum of British Folklore. The former based in Boscastle and the latter currently in development. With his design work he collaborates with creatives within the fashion industry, both designers and photographers and is known for creating magical worlds and fantastical environments for some of the worlds most renowned brands.

Tickets are £4.50 and available via

Seating at the venue limited to 40 capacity. Each talk will be an hour duration with a half hour Q&A at the end. A bar will be available. £1.50 from the sale of each ticket will be donated to the Regency Town House Restoration Project.

Exhibition admission free

2 - 25 November 2018  

Mon - Tues: by appointment only

Wed - Fri: 11:00am - 6:00pm

Sat - Sun: 12noon - 4:00pm 

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