image 3 and 4: courtesy of APT Gallery


Selecting an exhibition from an open is difficult, particularly by yourself, two days in the dark going over it all again and again. But it's also refreshing, what you see is what I want to show. It's also a neat idea having two selectors do two exhibitions from the same submission. And what a brilliant submission it was! So, first of all, my deepest thanks to the artists for giving me the opportunity to view works and to make my selection.

A.P.T. who both house and run the Creekside Open, is a structure the artists themselves have built and sustained. It was a privilege to be asked to be a selector so my second thanks go to them for making it possible for the Open to happen - with particular thanks to Liz May for her brilliant coordination. 

It was only towards the end that I started to think about how things might look together and to make, in my head, an exhibition - which is the second task of the selector. Of course I'll only know how it looks when we do hang it, but I hope I can do justice to the confidence that has been placed in me.

Richard Deacon