COLLECTIVE: Greater Than the Sum of the Parts
27th January - 11th February 2017

COLLECTIVE is the opening exhibition at the new Devonshire Collective creative cluster in Seaside Road, Eastbourne, due to open in January 2017.
The exhibition is curated by Judith Alder and will include work by artists working across a range of disciplines with a special interest in collaboration, collections or collecting, or those who work in series, creating a collection of works which in its entirety is greater than the sum of its parts.

The artists included in the show are Hermione Allsopp, Rachel Cohen, Susannah Douglas, Axel Hesslenberg, Suzanne O’Haire, Liv Pennington, Charlotte Still & Clare Whistler, Victoria Threlfall and Alexandra Valy.
A common thread that has begun to appear during research for the exhibition is that of familiar, everyday objects, materials and images which, when combined in groups, multiples or clusters become extraordinary, or which piece together as fragments to expose otherwise un-noticed narratives or histories.

Exhibition curator Judith Alder says, “I want to make a collaborative installation for the exhibition, building on the theme of ordinary things made extraordinary.”

There will be a Curator’s talk at 11am on Saturday 21 January 2017.

images: courtesy of Judith Alder